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St. Cloud State University

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Whether you want to register as a captain for your St. Cloud State University team; or you're a St. Cloud State University student interested in joining your local St. Cloud State University team; or you're looking to support your favorite St. Cloud State University team by pledging your favorite student — you've come to the right spot!

Our website makes this process as easy as possible. By clicking on the appropriate link above, you can form a team or join an existing team.

Some thoughts to keep in mind as you start out...

  • You'll be prompted to select a Plunge location, so it may be helpful to look at the list of Plunge locations before you register and decide which location and date is best for your group to take the Plunge.
  • You'll want your team name to be creative and fun, but easy to find for your supporters.

It's as simple as that. The site then gives you tools to recruit others and solicit support, such as email templates to send to family and friends. All that's left is to have fun!

Thank you for your support!

St. Cloud State University Teams

26 teams
137 Plungers

Team Event Plungers Online pledges Pledge
Acacia FraternitySt. Cloud13$185.00
Batman Forever FrozenSt. Cloud4$45.00
Benton-StateviewSt. Cloud3$385.00
BSECSt. Cloud1$60.00
BSEC - Husky AMASt. Cloud20$995.00
BSEC - Investment ClubSt. Cloud3$1,002.57
BSEC Delta Sigma PiSt. Cloud6$630.00
BSEC- Accounting ClubSt. Cloud2$130.00
BSEC-EntreprenuershipSt. Cloud2$0.00
BSEC-Global HorizonsSt. Cloud6$925.00
BSEC-Society of Unified Management OrganizationsSt. Cloud6$325.00
Delta Zeta-Theta MuSt. Cloud8$1,070.00
Dragons BreathWillmar/Spicer1$1,850.00
Frosty FlakesSt. Cloud12$2,950.00
Get Iced!St. Cloud4$375.00
HOH Polar PupsSt. Cloud6$385.00
Kappa Phi Omega St. Cloud3$315.00
Mitchell Hall St. Cloud1$75.00
Schoborg ClanSt. Cloud3$750.00
SCSUSt. Cloud1$60.00
SCSU Communication Club St. Cloud3$260.01
SCSUGolfSt. Cloud3$135.00
Tau Kappa EpsilonSt. Cloud4$470.00
The Frozen UnicornsSt. Cloud8$625.00
University Program Board We plan Awesome EventsSt. Cloud3$101.00
Zeta Xi DeltaSigSt. Cloud11$540.69
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